The Collaborative Advisory website is a hosted service platform, developed by Koch Capital Management LLC (“Koch Capital”), to provide Google-based tools and applications to financial advisors and interested Google Apps users. Rather than run these applications directly from the domain, this site allows advisors to utilize these tools and applications from the non-branded domain.

In our practice, Koch Capital utilizes the Google Apps platform like a swiss army knife to fill in the tool gaps that advisor technology doesn’t currently address. For example, we’ve developed internal applications for securities trading, portfolio rebalancing, account management and financial planning. We’ve also developed Google Apps integrations for Blueleaf, HiddenLevers and Quandl, which support real-time financial data access from these third-party application providers directly into a Google spreadsheet or document.

With the advent of Google Scripts, HTML5 and web services, it's possible for the non-technical Internet user to build or customize web-based applications to his or hers specific needs. 

In my opinion, the holly grail of ubiquitous and seamless integration of all your web-based applications isn't here yet, but it's getting closer. Until full integration is available, the Google Apps platform is worth a look as a possible solution.

Please explore this site for summary descriptions of the Google-based collaborative applications that we are currently working on.

For more detailed information on our offerings, please contact me at 925-526-5624 or jim@kochcapital.comThank you for your time and consideration......Jim Koch